Benjamin Lioue

Project Manager, auditor, and Consultant in Newark, New Jersey

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Problem seeker mentality, with a dash of curiosity, I cannot run away from my love for technology. I am success orientated and constantly progressing towards my next milestone.

Currently working at J.P Morgan Chase & Co.

I enjoy helping other through my non-profit, Collegiate Coaching Partners, which works with individuals to strategically plan how to get from point "a" (currently) to point "b" (future goal). Currently, universities across the U.S and around the world focus on primary on increasing world-renowned faculty, improvement in facilities, and expansions to increase student tuition cash flow, but not as much on bettering career services specifically in the career planning process with students. I created an opportunity to help students understand what they need to do now to get the most out of university and not stay longer than they need to because of its high cost.

Tim LLC," The Ideas Maker" is a boutique software company that works with clients to help create their mobile applications as well as web platform solutions. As project manager of business development, I work on different projects with the entire team to ensure clients expectation and needs are met as well as internal project development. As sales team lead, I work with our contacts to generate leads that generate sales. Recently, my team has developed the skills to provide Marketing and Operation Consulting for small to medium-sized business looking to grow.

Formerly, I was the Chief of Finance for the Student Governing Association (SGA) at Rutgers University (Newark). With the executive board, I worked with the university to manage student fee transfers to student organizations as well as the Allocation Board. The team and I collaborated with our constituents and administration to make improvements to the university as a whole.

Personally, I am a food lover and art enthusiast.

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    • The Ideas Maker LLC
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    • Rutgers University–Newark