Benjamin Johnson

I am a high school student at Chawanakee Academy, a home schooling program affiliated with the public school. Since I am home schooled I have developed the valuable skill of self-discipline.

Because there is not always someone around who is older than me and therefore athoratated enough to tellme to do my school work I must find the self-discipline to do so on my own. I have actually always had a good work ethic, home schooling has just built it up to be stronger, if I didn't I would not have wanted to learn piano.

Since then I have been learning a variety of instruments including: trumpet, guitar, tuba, trombone, violin, and my latest one the mandolin. But the piano is a better example than all of these because I started wanting to learn and figuring stuff out on my own when I was about four. All of the others I began learning when I was already in school. Because of this experience I have found my passion and what career I wish to pursue.

One day, I hope to go to a conservatory of music. I am not sure which one yet but thankfully I still have four more years to decide.