Benjamin Beller

MBA Student in Atlanta, Georgia

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In addition to my day job (MBA candidate at Emory's Goizueta Business School), I am a researcher, reader, and financial market enthusiast. Finance is what I love and where I want to work. Here’s why:

1. Discovering something about a company/ market/ economic trend that few others have is exhilarating. I research, write, and think critically so I can know more than whoever's selling when I'm buying.

2. It's a lifelong passion. At 12 I fell head over heels for my 15-year-old neighbor and the stock market. No way I’d ask her out, but finance quickly fascinated me... and today that passion is stronger than ever.

3. MBA from Emory (ongoing), BA from Claremont McKenna College in econ & psych, ibank and forex internships, finance classes at UCLA, read way too much. The goal? Build a career in finance.

Otherwise, I love Europe, sushi, soccer, and playing around on Excel. Seriously.