I.N.C. Vision Networks

To create a platform for innovative, interactive and intuitive content for and from small to medium businesses and content providers. Creating marketing that reformats interaction and drives content toward measurable ROI to include brand investment, social amplification, and owned media.

Independent Network Communications is a commercial broadcast company; this encompasses the development of telecommunications networking, broadcasting, commerce, branded content and devices as related and separate products. The focus and function provide a platform for small to medium businesses, content providers and viewers to engage each other in a interactive community, with all participants given the option and ability to engage the other commercially. The network will house channels, channels will carry news programs, first-run original programming, educational, cultural, game shows, dramas, comedy as well as original content from content providers and advertisers. Mobile, Affordable and Content Rich, INC Vision performs in the same way a prism would for light to deliver a spectrum of Branded Content. Approximately nine out of 10 organizations produce content, to attract and retain customers. The successful brands market themselves strategically, by finding the optimal point of exchange with their customers and developing content that creates desirable spending behavior. The way we watch and react to television has forever been changed, the content provider, the small/medium business and the veiwer all have an equal stake in bringing their branded content to market . Therefore the manner in which all communications occur must and will change, advertisers, content providers and consumers converge upon INC Vision and engage their respective audience's. The large swatch of advertisers, and content providers who do not have budgets that allow for national TV advertising are left to fend for themselves on Youtube, Facebook and other outlets where the lack of structure and agility when targeting a core audience is a shoot in the dark at best . The current market has undergone a shift in format as well as delivery, branded content developed by INC Vision has an amphibious feature and function, designed to be permeable and delivered with the intentions to attract, stimulate interaction and drive multiple transactions.