Benjamin Bodhi Putra van Diest

Hi, I'm Ben. I like to scratch my ears (although it might not itchy). The best time of the day for me is when I go to bath (well, I didn't exactly "go to" bath, my nanny somehow lift me and put me in some water-filled nirvana (No, I'm not recreating that memorable Nirvana cover art)). Hence, the photo. Yes, other than ear-scratchings, I do like to nip my hand into my mouth. It helps me relax.

Recently, I found out that it is very tiring to catch a ball. My dad bought me one. He thought I would be willing to go and catch it all day (I think he tried me to lure to his religion called football), little did he know that my affinity is towards cables and alikes. I'll talk to you soon, it's time for me to partake some fruit-eating ritual now (there's a couple of fruit that I didn't like, but that's another story). Bye.