Benjamin Buadu

Los Angeles, California

Benjamin Buadu is a serial entrepreneur who has built up and run multiple companies in the past decade.

He started in the natural foods industry in the early 1990's, where he started a 100% vegan and organic catering company called Au'Benne Catering. This company catered for promotional events, weddings and private parties.

In 1997, Benjamin then took over a company in the natural products market that was on the verge of closing, and built it back up into a million dollar company that manufactured and distributed herbal supplements and the worlds best selling tobacco-free cigarettes. He was responsible for adding 100's of other products to the company's product offerings before exiting Ecstacy, Inc. in 2008,
He then founded the Heavenly Products Company in 2009 - a company in the offers products in the wellness industry. See

Benjamin is also the founder of MedicineSage, an alternative medicine information website that is currently under construction.