Ben Carlson

Kearney, Nebraska, United States

I'm a data architect, Java and ATG programmer, and an expert with ANSI SQL and SQL Server. I'm the consummate professional, building large scale ecommerce websites, and I nearly always ride my Buell or Harley to work.

I play with Google App Engine, HTML, CSS, Javascript/JQuery, Blender 3D and Luxrender for fun. I'm not happy unless I have way too many projects going on, and am as content wrenching on my rusty old 1953 Ford pickup, writing Merge-Join queries on EAV relationships in the GAE datastore, and building custom guitars as I am in a noisy server room troubleshooting mod_jk connections with Apache and JBoss.

I play well with others, and you can get a sense of who I am on my blog or at one of my side project websites:

  • Work
    • Amplifi Commerce