Benjamin Carter Properties

Prior to putting up Carolina SNS, LLC, which has the franchise rights to Steak ‘n Shake in several South Carolina territories along with one location in Eastern Georgia, Benjamin Carter. Jr. of Atlanta worked as a real estate developer. He served as Vice President at Ben Carter Properties from 2005 to 2011. Benjamin Carter is forever grateful for being able to work with real estate development professionals who made it easy to prove that exceeding expectations everyday can become a true way of life. He optimizes on the team-oriented approach and amazing customer service he imbibed from working at BCP and consolidates them with his deep commitment to help people the best way he can.

Ben Carter Jr. enjoys fishing and hunting during his free time. He loves travel and flies helicopters. Currently, Benjamin owns four Steak ‘n Shake restaurants, three in South Carolina and one in Georgia. He loves listening to customers talk about their experiences with the Steak ‘n Shake brand and also their childhoods. Ben Carter Jr. grew up on Steak ‘n Shake and has been fascinated with the iconic American brand, which also made him adopt it as his business. Benjamin Carter Jr. focuses on customer service and aims to involve all his employees in ensuring that his restaurants can live up to the exceptional reputation the brand has been recognized for.

Ben Carter Jr. completed a Business degree, with a major in Business Administration, at the College of Charleston in 2005. He started Carolina SNS, LLC in 2012. Mr. Carter has applied to work with the Atlanta Lab Rescue, as he has always loved Labradors and has trained his own to hunt. When he’s not at the office making important business decisions and devising smart business strategies, Benjamin goes fishing, hunting, mountain biking and playing tennis. In addition, Mr. Carter also flies helicopters and goes traveling whenever he can.