Benjamin Douglas Allan of the Doolittles

Benjamin Douglas Allan of the Doolittles


Appellation: Sovereign:-Benjamin-Douglas-Allan:

Homage: of the Doolittles’

Nickname: Benjamin II

Nationality: Kanienke’haka

Clan: Ratiniahton

Nativity of Birth: A’nowara’ko:wa, Tsikanatahére ”near Oshweken”

I, the honorable Sovereign:-Benjamin-Douglas-Allan: of the Doolittle‘s, Onkwehonwe, Earthly Sovereign, Heir-Apparent with provable bloodline, pedigree and lineage to the “earth” and “water”, “spark” and “air” known from time out of memory as the Great Turtle Island, created by Creation and having residence in the Cosmos of Creation and therefore being a direct descendant of Shonkwaia’tison , presented to Creation by assent of Wa`tewatsitsiané:kare, from and of the arc of Creation, co-creator of the seed, Onhontsiáte, born of the A’nowara’ko:wa circa 1982 to Tracy:Butler and Douglas:Doolittle

Background Info:

history: Benjamin is a twenty-nine year (377 Moons) old Artist from the Turtle Island. After having studied art, philosophy, history and law in home all of his life, he decided in 1999 to become a full time Nationalist. Thanks to his talent and finesse for writing essays and law papers, and a profound ability to listen, his projects have been receiving a lot of accolades with the public, as Director of The Pentortoise Projects.

A Laymen of instinct, Benjamin has a flair for writing introvertedly, leaving the reader moved by the raw emotion in them. Although his roots are firmly placed in mainstream culture, he draws inspiration from many different scholars and diplomatic influences.

Now back to his birthplace Tsikanatahére [Brantford], the capital of the Now’here – a graceful rebirth of culture, Benjamin is sharing his time between enjoying family, nature and spending plenty of time in the office where he writes material he hopes to initiate in the near future. Based on the reception of his latest compositions, the future looks promising!

motto: autonomous by nature, sovereign by design.