Benjamin Floyd

Las Vegas

Ben is a husband, dad, creator of awesomeness and a geek. As the principal at Socially Savvy & The VP of Marketing at Fluencr he spends his days teaching brands how to identify, connect and engage with their audiences. Floyd is all about teaching clients how to leave lasting a mark in the hearts of their consumers. He lives by the motto: “A brand that captures your mind gains your behavior. A brand that captures your heart gains your commitment.” - Scott Talgo. His repertoire includes leading organizations and companies such as Hasbro, Nintendo America, Warner Brothers, The Walt Disney Co., Nike, and Pepsi-Cola, to name a few. He believes in building the right strategies, partners and placements to ensure results for his clients. Benjamin has garnered recognition and respect for his creativity and achievements in brand development, marketing and public relations. He is both passionate and committed to making his clients recognized, successful and beloved in the marketplace.

But for him the real fun is at home where he is typical doing one of three things. On the floor playing with his son (literally), testing his culinary skills and/or hanging with his beautiful wife. He vlogs at My Dad Saved the World! His topics are usually centered around being a fatherless father, Family/Marriage, Dad's cook too and reviews. In addition to contributing to Parent Panel, Ben works with KRIV Fox 26 Houston as the on-air technology and social media contributor and is also a member of the Dad 2.0 team.

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