Benjamin Fruin

United States

The Flo team is quite familiar with this one.

Oreck Corporation
Oreck was started in 1963 as a mail order vacuum company. It has since become one of the most recognizable vacuum companies in the world.

I worked under Prof. David Owens, former CEO of Griffin Technologies, and the Oreck executive team to design and market a vacuum that appeals to the Millennial generation. Oreck is a company that has used "bare bones" design to remain successful for many years. Competing companies like Dyson have done a superior job of marketing to the younger demographic using advanced feature sets. In my Corporate Innovation/Product Design class, we spent nearly a year working with Oreck to design and market a vacuum to a new target demographic. The process involved months of market research and consumer insights analysis followed by several months of design iteration. This ended with a presentation to the CEO of Oreck where our design was evaluated for possible production.

"Streamweaver is a split-screen mobile video app that connects you with your friends so you can record simultaneously. Capture up to four perspectives and see what you made together in split-screen video."

At the time I began working at Streamweaver, it was a Series A company that had not yet launched its product. The mobile video space had become increasingly competitive as Vine and Viddy were emerging in the space. I worked directly with the CEO to create a product launch strategy and product marketing roadmap. In addition, I worked with him to make UI decisions and created many of the branding taglines that exist on the company website today.

Goal Zero, Inc.
Goal Zero produces solar power supply products and was No.9 on the Inc. 500 for 2013

The CEO of Goal Zero had asked me to define new markets and sales channels for one of the company's core products. In an ideation and market research project, I helped him learn that there are 7 industry verticals that the company had not previously considered. I am currently working on a product marketing roadmap to help grow sales volume in these newly identified verticals.


At Wakeology, I created and negotiated numerous strategic partnerships with companies in the outdoors, action sports, fashion, and

  • Education
    • Vanderbilt University - Owen Graduate School of Management