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My name is Benjamin Smith, I am a student at the Univerity of Georgia currently studying for a fiance degree. I love sports and being outside.

January 2017 Blog Post

Writing was a key factor that was stressed in the month of January in our business 4000 class. We really practiced writing emails, professional text messages, and memos. We did an assignment where our groups were given a memo to proofread and correct. We were given two text messages and had to choose the best one for professional settings. In today’s business world it is very important to be able to write professionally and be able to communicate in the best way possible.

In the month of January our class also focused on creating visual presentations. We “went to the job fair” one day where we were given companies and created a hiring campaign to attract entry level factor positions. I used a PowerPoint presentation and immediately learned of so many more new ways to create a visual. Some of the new ways such as word art, were much more useful and more professional and captivating then PowerPoint.

In Business 4000 this month I learned a tremendous amount about communication and presentations. With these new skills I hope to better my ability to function in a workplace environment. I also, hope to continue to develop these skills as the year continues.