Benjamin Ho

UX Researcher and Designer in Portland, Maine

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Do you know your WHY?

My WHY is to bring companies to UX maturity and to improve the human condition with better experiences, enabling people to live and work productively with fulfillment.

I do this with my innate curiosity (as a User Experience Researcher) by getting to the heart of what matters most, through understanding people’s goals, underlying beliefs and reasoning, then translating them into humane solutions (as a User Experience Designer).

Having been in the software industry for 20 years, I am a passionate, responsible, ethical user experience professional (I'm one of those "T" people) with an entrepreneurial spirit. I have been involved in multiple strategic projects delivering client insights to define the problem space. I believe in open sharing and collaboration in order to bring people towards a UX maturity level.

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  • Education
    • Bachelor of Industrial Design, Certified Usability Analyst (HFI)