Benjamin Jarman

My name is... Well if you dont know it you're blind... I'm a 16 year old "Man" and I enjoy- Playing video games, Swimming, Soccer, Playing Virtual Piano, and also the color'(s) purple and black. Some people might call me strange but those are the people without class. The people with class are the ones that I like to talk to and hang out with. If you're not one of those people well then... You're just left out of the loop, Deal with it. Now, if any of you have a problem with what I just wrote one here, Got angry with me for saying you have no class, You can just leave, Alright? Because if you got angry that means your not one of my friends which means you have no class THEREFOR you have No place being here. Good day. I SAID GOOD DAY. Ok, now, For those of you that stayed. I have an interest in Gaming And Graphics Designing. Which i am hoping to major in when i go to college. Thats all i have on my mind right now, I'll get on here tomorrow and edit, and or add on to this. If you have any questions for me ask away. UNLESS you were one of those classless people that decided to keep reading on before you left, if you were one of those people, Then just leave. This page is not for you. I can go on about