Benjamin Lamb

A young professional in the field of Student Affairs, with a broad and eclectic background in the sciences, wild land fire fighting, glue manufacturing, and ecotourism. I have securely found my niche to be working with college students, assisting them in their holistic development, not only as students, but as global citizens. This work includes a blend of career counseling, activity advising, leadership development, social media responsibility, and a mélange of engagement activities starting on their first day visiting campus, and continuing all the way through until they venture out as full-fledged alumni of the institution. My experience lies in a variety of offices, including admissions, learning services, career services, orientation, student activities and leadership, parent relations, residence life, and a little work with alumni relations as well. With a holistic and well-rounded approach, and a back pocket full of unique and interesting experiences, I'm tackling the working world with my own spin on social justice, individual enrichment, civic engagement, and creating a generation of future leaders.