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Benjamin Loh

For a good twenty years, I struggled to find my “voice”. It was drowned out gradually and it grew fainter and fainter as the years gone by. That no matter how hard I tried to express my “truest” self, I never seem to be comfortable or courageous enough to let my true self shine. It was scary because there came a point in my life – I stopped questioning, gave up on yearning and put a full stop on my searching.

Never in my life had I questioned my existence in this world this badly. Thankfully, I met my current Coach and Mentor, Soon Loo, a serial technopreneur in 2008. He showed me that the truth lies not in the search from the outside, but from deep within me. To discover the truth that lies within was akin to setting the “caged bird” within me, free.

It was like this moment of epiphany for me, through Soon’s coaching and the work at Executive Coach International (ECI), one of Asia’s largest Coaching organizations. In May 2008, I finally found my “voice”! Three years later, I am one of the youngest Associate Certified Coach (ACC) in Singapore and possibly, Asia-Pacific. The fulfillment I derived from empowering my clients at ECI to discover their “voice”, live out their own dreams and allowing their true selves to shine, has been immense.

Aside from my "Coaching" hat, I am also a Youth and Social Activist. As a Global Changemaker with the British Council, I have been volunteering and initiating social change initiatives in Singapore for the past 5 years relating to causes of poverty and youth health.

In June 2011, I founded a Public Speaking Training start-up, Speaker's Flare Training & Consultancy. Through the work and programs I run as the Founder & Principal Trainer, I aspire to ignite the Spark of Brilliance in each and every one of my clients.