Lori Benjamin

Cumming, Georgia, United States

Hi there! I am a stay at home Mommy. My husband of 11 years and I have now 5 children. Our home, as you can imagine is rarely quiet and never clean all at one time. Through my years of parenting little ones, I have learned so much. Mostly through trial and error. I do not think there is just one right way to do anything. And I hardly think anyone, Mom or Dad needs directions on "how to" be a Mom or Dad. We were in fact created to be one or the other. Though, I have so appreciated the Moms and Dads before me that have shared their acquired wisdom with me! I in no way am claiming to have it all figured out. But, I have had so many friends and acquantainces ask me repeatedly how I do it. Well, I'd love to share that with you. I so desperatly wish I had someone to learn from--like the Cliff notes version. How do you--practically do this thing called Motherhood. And the key is, how do I do this thing and ENJOY it. Sure, I love my kids. I love being a Mommy to them all. BUT, there are many days that I don't. I want as few of those days as possible. Our God is one of order. Period. Does that mean our kids are going to be perfect little robotic creatures that are orderly. Um, no. BUT, we as Moms can create a home that lets our children thrive, and we can ENJOY it.

  • Education
    • Florida Atlantic University