Benjamin Luta

Art Director in Nairobi, Kenya

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Benjamin is a creative thinker and teacher who spends his time understanding and developing corporate brands. He believes that the magic formula to business found in tapping into the rich insight embedded in the DNA of every enterprise big or small and matching it to the needs of millions who waiting for your magic touch.

He finds a kick in solving puzzles that result in informed teams and organisations that run efficiently. He extended that service to individuals and so far clocked about 350 hours positioning them to have competitive personal brands

When Luta is not facilitating a brand storming session or crafting a strategy you will find him drawing illustrations or doing a training on entrepreneurship and leadership. He enjoys outdoor running, skating home watching movies, reading, cooking or chatting with his beautiful wife Ivy.

He dreams of time when Africa will stand tall among her peers. He has signed up to be one of the brave patriots who position authentic African enterprises and leaders to be global brands. He is determined to work at making this a reality in his life time but in the event that his time comes to an end before it is realized, then he will raise a standing army of Pan-Africanists to carry on the vision to completion

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