Benjamin Perlin

Community Volunteer and Film Photographer in Nashville, Tennessee

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Over the years, Benjamin Perlin has served his community in a number of ways. He currently volunteers at the Tennessee State Veterans Home, where he visits with residents and listens to the memories that they have to share. Benjamin Perlin enjoys helping these individuals feel valued and useful, while also enjoying the wisdom that age and experience impart.

Benjamin Perlin also serves as part of the team at the local Habitat for Humanity Re-Store, a resale shop that offers furniture as well as such construction materials as windows, doors, paint, carpeting, and cabinetry. His responsibilities include receiving and stocking donations to the store and also helping shoppers find items they are looking for. When needed, he carries heavier purchases to customers’ vehicles.

Also an avid photographer, Benjamin Perlin uses primarily film cameras to capture real events within a physical medium. He shares many of his creations on his blog, where he also explains his process in capturing each image. He enjoys discussing camera choice, darkroom developing techniques, and the many other artistic and technical choices that contribute to the details of a final piece.