Benjamin Dover

Web Developer, Software Engineer, and Project Manager in Saint Joseph, Missouri

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Howdy Partner! My name is Benjamin, but I usually go by my middle name - Rusty. I am an corporate officer at an online marketing organization in St. Joseph Missouri. My company assists other businesses to help them get found on Google and on YouTube. Daily I am making lists, calling clients, organizing all my staff members, and general ensuring whatever is running properly.

I grew up in Carthage, MO and graduated from Ozarks Technical Community College in Springfield, Missouri. I studied Information Science but am extremely interested in website development and graphic design.

I am in a complicated relationship, LOL. Being bisexual gets you into many interesting personal relationships. I am a big sports fanatic and am addicted to watching the Royals and Blues. I love rap music but have to put up with lots of country where I am at. I am not into video gaming like most of the people I know. I grew up with Marvel comics and love all the movies and TV programs. I went to Comicon a few times and it was fun to dress up.

While work still occupies the majority of my day, my real enthusiasm and primary emphasis in life besides my partners is in business building and increasing internet sales. I have a real passion for this niche and appear to be honored with the capacity to quickly see typical problems and offer recommendations.