Benjamin Ring

Benjamin Ring began his professional career as an industrial and commercial electrician. After learning the trade skills from his father, he flourished in the industry for several years before feeling compelled to begin serving the community through law enforcement. He joined the County Sheriff’s Department as a Deputy in December 2007, first serving at the jails. He enforced order in the jailhouse while taking care of the inmates. After several years, Benjamin Ring became a deputy with responsibility for maintaining order and security in the courthouse. He assists the judges and court visitors while upholding the innocent until proven guilty ideal.

Outside of his busy professional life, Benjamin Ring also indulges in a number of exciting and physical hobbies. He most recently began rock climbing. So far he has explored climbing in Malibu and at Stoney Point, which is famous for climbing due to its massive boulders and various levels of difficulty. Ring hopes to continue climbing until he masters Class 5, the hardest level. Additionally, Benjamin Ring enjoys various forms of martial arts, such as Kenpo Karate, boxing, and taekwondo. He also likes to spend time camping, fishing, and shooting with his friends.

Prior to launching his career, Benjamin Ring attended a private school that allowed him to enjoy outdoor activities. Benjamin Ring spends time volunteering within the community, picking up trash in his neighborhood and local beaches.