Benjamin Johnson

Ben Johnson, the founder and owner of ÜberSoftware, has been at the forefront of developing online media advertising for the last 6 years and leading the development initiatives of multi-million dollar companies for the past 16 years. His work gives him an expansive understanding of the newest advances in ad technology, behavioral targeting, content targeting, ad optimization, SalesForce integration and big data analytics.

He currently serves as InvestingChannel’s Chief Technology Officer, where he directs all aspects of ad technology that reaches a monthly audience of 18 million high-end, influential consumers across 325 independent websites. He has successfully led development initiatives to build a Universal Ad Tag Platform, Big Data Analytic Products, a Publisher Revenue Management Portal, Premium Content Management and Payment Processing System for InvestingChannel. To complete such demanding projects in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, he manages a team of on-site, remote and overseas developers and engineers through all stages of product development.

He also led development projects incorporating Publisher Self Service Portal, IO Work Flow, deployment and behavioral targeting into the ad technology solutions of Travel Ad Network Inc. (now Travora Media Inc.). This is just a sampling of the companies Ben has steered to success through targeted, integrated, efficient ad technology. Please feel free to read over his complete CV and employer testimonials on LinkedIn for a more in-depth look at the knowledge, skill and commitment he dedicates to every project he takes on, from beginning to end.