Benjamin Solheim

Benjamin Solheim

Benjamin Mathias "Matthew" Solheim Also Known As

Åmortįs Byórðæįr Vlör Vas´Drakken

Master Dualist Åmortįs Byórðæįr Mathias Matthew Medræs Vlör Vas´Drakken du piers Vǻs´Ðrákkæn or The Sanctified Fire Breathing Drakkæn.

Knight Confessor and Åmortįs of the Sanctified Ordis Draconis, Knight of the sanctified Draconis or Drakkæn barring the holy flames of the Divine God.

Veteran Senior Airman of the United States Air Force, currently reserve component.

That really is too much to have to say which is why when I hear someone call Benjamin or Ben I look to see if it is someone I know.

Åmortįs -A' mort(al) TisByórðæįr - Beä ador heir Vlör - VL oar (one sylable)Vas´Drakken - Vas Vee (h)os (Ownership) Dra kracken

Blame Vlor which is normally VL 'Lore to being being Vee' Lor by my buddy Dett. God rest his soul if he has passed on by now.