Benjamin Swee

Benjamin Swee


I am the savior of mankind, fought of hords of evil aliens and saved Princess Peach Bowser's castle.

Ok fine, only one of the three is true (savior of mankind part) but nevertheless that's me.

Who knew wiritng about oneself can be this diffcult even though I am narcissis.........NOT

I do enjoy writing as I believe the memory is only limited to what we remember and memory always fades unless

you are an elephant or someone with an eidetic memory which I am neither of the two.

Do I have a blog you ask? Yes I do!

You can check it out over here.

Don't worry, it is not a spam site, it's just a link to my glorious blog which in other words,

your ticket to greater learning and fulfilling your destiny.

Ok I might have over sold my blog but feel free to check it out.

Anyway, feel free to look me up or connect with me via the links below!