Ben Durham

Funemployed in Saline, Michigan

Most call me Ben, a few call me Benny, but I'll go by anything. I'm a proud Xavier alum who recently left their job to pursue being an event manager.

Xavier walked me around the block a few times and allowed me to experience quite a bit. Led an awesome TEDxXavierUniversity team. Tried my hand at competitive bass fishing. My passion for animals prompted me to become a volunteer at the Cincinnati SPCA which led to an awesome internship. Experienced 3 new countries. Became a badass barista. In the end I received a fancy piece of paper in Entrepreneurship and Economics.

Post graduation I was presented with an awesome opportunity at Gold Star Mortgage. Starting off as a loan processor I got to learn the industry and assist loan originators in helping clients achieve their home buying dreams. My hard work and dedication to the growth of our branch earned me a promotion to a fully licensed mortgage loan originator in Michigan and Texas. I continued to work my tail off creating new customer relationships and helping dreams come true. Unfortunately, I felt like something was missing. While grateful for the opportunity I decided to take a leap of faith, leave my position and completely pivot my career path towards event management.

Searching for my dream job has just been all fun and games. In effort to diversify my professional arsenal I've began writing. While, I'm far from the next Shakespeare writing about various interests is improving my communication and creative thinking skills and who knows, maybe I'll write something at least one person would want to read. Additionally I've started dabbling in graphic design. Realizing the overlap there often is between marketing and event management improving my graphic design skills can make me a more valuable asset and help me stand out against the crowd.

Outside of my professional life... You can often find me watching soccer. I'd much rather be skiing. Self proclaimed eSports fanatic. I spend as many summer days on the boat as I can. Father of two pretty sweet cats.

"Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough." – Elon Musk

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    • Xavier University