Benjamin Philip Viaene

8860 Lendelede, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium

Benjamin Philip Viaene

8860 Lendelede, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium

Hi there!

I'm a student eventmanagement who lives in Kortrijk, Belgium.

Age: 21 years old.

Professional sports fanatic, so I can't wait to develop & improve my manifold skills in the event/sports world.

Since I was young, I've always been interested in sports (I'm a football fan). I started playing tennis at young age, but this evolved to playing golf nowadays. I also enjoy a run once and a while.

Organizing events and bringing people together in a social environment to make them happy I think is a blast.

Therefore I made the choice to study Business Management, more specific: Eventmanagement (Business Events).

Because of my studies and golf, I learned a great deal about the mentality that is needed to achieve a goal, whether it's running a successful product launch, music event or making a par at the last hole of a 3 day tournament.

I've helped out already at many events so far, and even organized one myself. From being the host at a business event over being a steward at a music event to presenting a product at a commercial fair in Namur, Wallonia.

Oh right, forgot to tell you. I didn't only study eventmanagement in Kortrijk. I also experienced a semester of marketing studies in the Wallonian capital, Namur. Off course to improve my French, and to undertake something out of my comfort zone.

Which I believe is a good way to prepare myself to the professional business life as we know it.

Please feel free to contact or follow this fellow!

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