Benjamin Winstone

Robotics Engineer, Software Engineer, and Creative Technologist in Bristol, United Kingdom

Ambitious and inspired technologist currently working as a Research Associate at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory. Bearing a strong background in both robotics and mechanical engineering alongside skills spanning c/c++, c# and micro controller development. Highly driven and creative with commitment to the highest levels of professional and personal excellence. Seeking a challenging position in a field that is continuously growing and that I wish to make a substantial contribution to.

In addition to career pursuits I actively exercise my technical expertise through creative technology projects. I have worked with a number of creative clients aiding them to link, integrate and fuse their ideas with technical functionality. I also conceive and execute my own creative ideas for exhibitions, galleries and festivals when time allows. I now operate these activities under the brand of Most recently I have developed; Animeyes, an animatronic / robotic interactive system using image processing to react to users presence, Decibrain, a sound reactive light up brain & The Gentleman Octopus, a sound reactive light up octopus inspired by the cephalopod colour changing chromatophores.

  • Education
    • University of the West of England