Benjamin Wiseman

For the past years, Dr. Benjamin Wiseman has provided consulting services to pain management clinics. Prior to entering the consulting field, he spent six years as the medical director at both the North Mississippi Medical Center’s Pain Management Center and Tupelo Anesthesia Group Pain Services. Additionally, Dr. Benjamin Wiseman spent nearly a decade with Mid-Tex Anesthesiology Associates.

Dr. Wiseman earned his medical degree from the University of Texas Medical School in Houston. He received significant recognition during his time in the program, including being named Outstanding OB/Gyn Student. He maintains a connection to the world of medical education as an associate professor of anesthesiology at Texas A&M Medical School and the University of Texas Houston Medical School. As a professor Dr. Wiseman has worked with residents on the surgical placement of morphine pumps and offered guidance on treatment for the permanent destruction of pain causing nerves, an exceptionally rare area of anesthesiology.

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    • Benjamin E. Wiseman M.D,PA
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    • University of Texas Medical School Houston