Benjie Anderson

Actor in Atlanta, Georgia

Benjie Anderson

Actor in Atlanta, Georgia

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"ACTION!" A word performers in film, TV and stage live for and love to hear. First and foremost, Benjie is an actor. As a SAG-AFTRAe actor with over 35 years experience, each opportunity he earns to perform is a blessing he works towards achieving daily.

The privilege to engage an audience is an honor and a commitment he relishes. As an award-winning performer he's known for being reliable, competent, good to work with, capable, and an "all in" player on set.

As an indie TV producer, director and writer, having the opportunity to create entertainment and build a brand and an audience, is something he and his associates work on each day. According to Benjie... "What I do is a labor of love. When you love what you do, you'll never work a day in you life. Having said that, I love to WORK"

While Benjie isn't (yet) a "household name," he continues to hone his craft while seeking opportunities regionally, nationally, and internationally to do what he does best; learn, teach, give, receive, pay-it-forward and entertain.

Benjie is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, and a business professional as well. He has over 30 years of business experience, and his experience can help improve and grow a corporation, company, or business.

Studios, producers, directors, casting directors, investors, advertisers, marketers, businesses, companies... When preparing your budget, casting, staffing or hiring, having Benjie be part of you plans can help produce a win/win! Contact him TODAY to discuss how he can help you be more successful and get things done.

Benjie says... "Living in a dream world isn't living... LIVING a dream in the real world is. Let's LIVE the dream!"

Visit Benjie on Stage32, on Facebook and on other social media. He's ready, are you?

  • Education
    • Morris Brown College, Atlanta, GA '74-'77