Are you calling me obtuse?

Hi there, ignore that picture to the right, that's not me. My name is not Benjy, and I'm not a graphic designer. I never attended or graduated from the University of Greenwich. In fact, I've never heard of that place in my entire life.

I by no means relish the thought of working in either print or screen and I've never ever heard of typography before, what is that? I'm not skilled in layout design or information architechture. I didn't complete a design dissertation on rhythm, or a final major project on colour. Grids make me feel sick.

In my spare time I do absolutely nothing. I don't enjoy film or literature. I hate music, I don't play the drums or dabble in piano. I don't like beautiful old things. You will never ever find me entranced, staring at lava lamps. I have absolutely no friends and I smoke one million cigarettes a second.

Just kidding. : )

Benoit Ollive says "Throw bricks into the design industry."

I plan to drive a tank in there.