Ben Kershaw

Melbourne, Australia

I've been in the tourism industry all my working life, everything from food & beverage to event and front office management. I've looked after people in some of the best hotels in Australia and conversation is best part of my job.

After a short-lived attempt at the 9-5 grind I realised that the hotel industry is in my blood. You can take the man out of hospitality, but you can't take hospitality out of the man. Shortly after I landed my dream job rocking the front office of The Cullen (Art Series Hotel).

It costs nothing to be nice. That's my philosophy in life and I bring that to everything I do.

I'm always up for a chat and am looking to put together a hotel operations networking group shortly. Hit me up if you're keen.

  • Work
    • Front Office Management
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Business (Hotel and Tourism Management)
    • Diploma in Hospitality Management