Ben Kevey

Auckland, New Zealand.

Ben Kevey

Auckland, New Zealand.

Currently my job is the Student President at Unitec Institute of Technology. I have been in this role for almost two years. During this time, I have been involved in a number of different projects, and had many quality outcomes.

I have travelled extensively and lived overseas, and since returning to New Zealand has gained a Diploma in Applied Technology (Building), and is currently completing a Bachelor of Construction (Construction Management).
I describe myself as a balanced leader, and place a strong emphasis on listening to all sides, seeking advice from more experienced people, and taking the time to learn how things need to be done right the first time.

I strongly believe in modern learning techniques, risk management control systems, and ensuring time management is efficient. My past experience has taught me that effective time management, risk management, and continuous updating of learning techniques can play a large role in projects success

I gained a special interest in property investment and development from my parents as I grew up. As I got older, I wanted to pursue this industry more and more. However, I am a believer in understanding best practices and trying to find a better more effective way.


Problem Solving:
I am a confident problem solver, both in group dynamics and individual issues, as a large part of my current employment requires me to look at situations, and find the best solution possible.

Management and Project Delegation:
Throughout my life, working with management groups and overseeing managerial tasks on behalf of others has been a required skill I have gained. Being able to delegate responsibility and oversee projects has been a necessary function throughout my employment over the last two years.

Time Management and Organising:
Part of my natural personality is a high degree of both time management, and organisational skills, which is something I have always felt was vital within my professional career.

Communication and Public Speaking:
I have always held a high quality of communication skills. With my current employment situation, it has been vital as I am required to be involved customer and staff communication regularly. Aswell as a number of roles in both public speaking and media communication situations.

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