Ben Kilmer

JMU MAY 2010 'Grad

Job 1: Biz Dev @ Grooveshark

PRE BBA: Web Portfolio


Pioneering the future music industry. Convention is broken. Innovation is King.

Due to complacency in the face of disruptive technology, the music industry is the true poster boy of change; foreshadowing the future of all digital media.
Representing both the artist and consumer, I strive to:

- (re)montetize music through embracing the sponsorship model, internet advertising, and virtual currencies.

- improve ease of access to consumers through a variety of touch points

- promote viral organic traction through social artist ecosystems

- connect fans to engaging, exclusive artist content

- leverage demographic/psychographic data to monetize music within lifestyle trends.

Core Competencies...

- Entrepreneurship: identifying, creating, and capitalizing on great opportunity

- Efficiency: Streamlining established and new processes

-Business Development: Optimizing revenue and strategic positioning

-Product Development: Creating, modeling, and scaling new sustainable revenue streams

-Communication: Focusing teams, gleaning insight, and fostering synergies