Ben Lebowitz

I work, live, and play in New York City.

I am the Social Media Manager at Escalate, an Experiential Marketing agency in downtown Manhattan. We leverage brand awareness, increase word of mouth, and transform ordinary consumers into passionate brand advocates. Check us out here:

I live on the Upper West Side. After graduating from Fordham @ Lincoln Center not to long ago, I decided it would be too difficult to completely disconnect from the neighborhood that I've spent the last 4 years living in. I love coffee, fun restaurants, and a strong mixed drink.

As a New Yorker (and growing up fairly close to the big city on Long Island, I feel comfortable in taking on that name) living and working in the bustle of the city, you become immune to the daily distractions and glory that this city has to offer. I take the weekends to defeat that immunity. Long walks, trips to a new neighborhood (in a new borough), a movie, a play, a show, a bar, a night in -- it all works for me.