Ben Legg

CEO, Public Speaker, and Writer in New York

Ben Legg

CEO, Public Speaker, and Writer in New York

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Ben Legg is a global chief executive, engineer, marketing leader, entrepreneur, keynote speaker and author.

Currently, Ben is the CEO of AdParlor, the world’s leading all-in-one video and social advertising platform.

A former British Army captain with over a decade of leading military engineering organizations, Ben started his business career in 1999 with McKinsey & Company as a strategy consultant at its London HQ. Shortly after, Ben was recruited by Coca-Cola as director of training and development in Greece, and then on to a various executive level sales and marketing positions with Coca-Cola across the globe.

Ben’s impressive performance got the attention of Google, who recruited him for a stint of regional roles - before moving into the role of COO, Google Europe. While at Google, Ben’s accomplishments included defining the revenue strategy for all advertising products, leading global initiatives to test and scale new revenue opportunities. These plans led to revenue doubling in three years.

After his high profile turns at Coca-Cola and Google, Ben was in high demand. In 2011, he was approached by Adknowledge, a pan-US marketing technology holding company - headquartered in Kansas City but with global aspirations. Looking under the hood, Ben was enticed by what he saw. The talent, technology, data and culture of the company provided Ben with a great foundation to build a world class global business. Taking over from the founder as CEO, Legg lead Adknowledge from a mixed collection of US centric advertising technology business units, to a smaller number of global, world class video and social technology businesses.

After selling part of the portfolio, Legg stepped in as CEO of AdParlor - the biggest and most promising business unit - to accelerate the company’s growth, adding partnerships and offices around the world. AdParlor is now one of the world’s largest video and social media marketing platforms.

Ben is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and events and has been tapped for his expertise in delivering measureable growth to the bottom line. He is the author of a highly lauded book about marketing entitled, ‘Marketing for CEOs: Death or Glory in the Digital Age’. The book focuses on helping C-suite executives understand and navigate the ever changing landscape of marketing.

Throughout this journey, Ben has lived in nine countries and worked in over 60. An obsessive and seemingly effortless lon

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