Ben Marsden

“Ben is a definite asset to our company. He has willingly taken on all tasks with enthusiasm & has accomplished everything asked of him with flying colours. Off his own back, he has created methods of working which have resulted in tasks being realised beyond the potential we expected of them. He is highly adaptable & very much a self-starter. Good humoured & personable, he has also proved very competent as a mentor of junior staff.”Phil Rands, Founder & MD, Guru.

Commercial Applications and Databases - including SharePoint Website:

For a major Financial Company.

All lead to: copies being requested, my advice sought or similar solutions being redesigned around those of mine.

Industry C# .NET benchmark test by IKM:

The same test used to evaluate even the highest levels.

Scoring of 67 out of 100 to display proficiency beyond anything expected of a Junior.

Always reaching further:

Expertise in C# and .NET attained by self-study, overcoming all difficulties myself.

Creator of problem solving solutions: ‘SSEL’ and ‘The 10 R’s’.

Self-taught in optimising creativity, Mind Mapping and the systems of World Memory Champion Dominic O’Brien.

Collector of a rigorous log of code and insights to form an idea stock but also to cultivate the connection of disparate ideas to create fantastic ones.

In every role I have ever worked in, I have always been the most conscientious member.

Further References:

“Currently occupying a role that requires the processing and interrogation of large amounts of data, Ben’s attitude, attention to detail and work ethic has always been first class. With qualities that include a high level of integrity, reliability and a personable approach Ben is a great asset to our business. I hired Ben originally at the start of 2010, since then I have re-hired him and would do so again.” Richard Hamilton, Director, Guru.

“Ben worked for me for some time and was professional and diligent in his work. Always committed to completing every task to his best ability and a good team worker.” Davina O’Brien, Senior Manager, Fidelity.