Ben Morales-Correa

Ben Morales-Correa is a fine artist, web developer and former creative director from Puerto Rico. In 1992, Morales-Correa established an atelier under the name Mythos, where he created and developed innovative techniques in the manufacturing of fine ancient Egyptian painting replicas. These works have been acquired by collectors, teachers and Egyptian art enthusiasts in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. During the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, he moved to San Francisco, California to pursue studies in fine arts and communications arts. At the same time, Morales-Correa worked in public mural art projects and graphic design studios. In 1982, he was granted a summer scholarship by the San Francisco Academy of Arts, and was awarded First Prize in Photography by Archaeology Magazine of New York in 1996. Since his return to Puerto Rico in 1986, Ben Morales-Correa worked at several ad agencies, rising from graphic designer to creative director. He developed successful campaigns for local and multinational clients, garnering various prestigious awards.