Bennet Gevers

Cape Town, South Africa.

Bennet Gevers

Cape Town, South Africa.

Growing up in the grey and cold weather of northern Germany was crucial for getting bitten by the travel bug…. again and again and again. From kids age I’ve always been looking for the most beautiful places in the world, and so, I haven‘t stopped searching yet.

Visiting different cultures, meeting up with people (new friends) always meant the life to me. Making friends and enjoy the time together, untill the trip has to go on.

Life is just a trip on a long Road. After a while everyone will come across an intersection, where everyone of us has to decide which way you gonna go. The funny thing is, there is no wrong way.

With my urge to do good, I ended up thinking about which way to go on one of those intersections, so I decided to study Public Relations just to see in which‚ directions‘ everything goes and how important decisions are spread in the world. In close assosiation with my travel aspiration I found out, that eco-tourism is a brilliant way to make changes in the world. So I grew my interests in it.

Always interested in:

- Psychology- Philosophy (West/East)- Global News, PR, Surfing/ Snowboarding. From time to time joining trips to mostly untravelled destinations all over the world.

Long story, short:

I am blessed to be able to combine my writing and travelling with my personal demand of making our world a better place - step by step!!!

Services I can provide you with:

- Public Relations, Strategic Comunication.

- Advice for travelling uncrowded destinations all over the world.

Professional writing on demand (GER/EN).

  • Work
    • traveller
  • Education
    • BA in Public Relations, University of Hanover Germany