Joshua Bennett

customer relations, home brewer, and Writer in Seattle, Washington

A graduate from Huxley College of the Environment at Western Washington University, I have earned my Urban Planning & Sustainable Development BA. Prior to this, I earned my AA in Environmental Technologies and Sustainable Practices.

I have a passion for well designed neighborhoods, effective transportation, encouraging bike commuting and mixed use walkable areas. In my studies, I have learned the value of spaces of community connection, and learned the value of the beer hall or pub in playing this vital role.


Award winning home brewer

Environmental Data and InformationPlanning Graphics/SketchUp

­Environmental Science Transportation Planning

­ArcGIS NaturalHazards Planning

­Land Use Law Logic

­ReVit-Building Energy Modeling Project Management

­eQuest ­

CommunityHousing Planning

Academic Projects and Achievements

WWU ENVS Stewardship Capstone Project, Rock HillWork Party and Stewardship Planning Document, Bellingham, WA - Organizedand implemented a community work party for restoring native species and overallbeautification in Rock Hill Park.

• ­Video documented the event and edited it into a final project forstakeholder (York Neighborhood Association, Bellingham Parks & RecreationDepartment) presentation.

• Worked in conjunction with Bellingham Parks and Recreation department inthe creation of the 26 page living document intended for future use of parkstewards in implementing work parties.

• 40 people attended the event, completing all work in 2hours.


­WWU Campus Sustainable Planning StudioProject, Student Green Survival Guide – Led a group to create a GreenSurvival Guide for student. Guide teaches students how to incorporatesustainable practices into their daily life, where to shop sustainably andcontributes to the ongoing conversation of sustainability for students and thecommunity.

• ­The guide was adopted by the Office of Sustainability at WWU as aresource for students.

• Guide is currently being printed and distributed on campus


­WWU Planning Theory, Bellingham DowntownAlleyway Plan - Effectively led a team to develop a Downtown BellinghamAlleyway Revitalization plan

• ­Plan implemented social, economic and environmental approaches

  • Education
    • Western Washington University
    • Cascadia Community College