Joshua Bennett

Seattle, WA

A graduate from Huxley College of the Environment at Western Washington University, I have earned my Urban Planning & Sustainable Development BA. Prior to this, I earned my AA in Environmental Technologies and Sustainable Practices.

I have a passion for well designed neighborhoods, effective transportation, encouraging bike commuting and mixed use walkable areas.


Environmental Data and InformationPlanning Graphics/SketchUp

­Environmental Science Transportation Planning

­ArcGIS NaturalHazards Planning

­Land Use Law Logic

­ReVit-Building Energy Modeling Project Management

­eQuest ­ CommunityHousing Planning

Academic Projects and Achievements

WWU ENVS Stewardship Capstone Project, Rock HillWork Party and Stewardship Planning Document, Bellingham, WA - Organizedand implemented a community work party for restoring native species and overallbeautification in Rock Hill Park.

• ­Video documented the event and edited it into a final project forstakeholder (York Neighborhood Association, Bellingham Parks & RecreationDepartment) presentation.

• Worked in conjunction with Bellingham Parks and Recreation department inthe creation of the 26 page living document intended for future use of parkstewards in implementing work parties.

• 40 people attended the event, completing all work in 2hours.


­WWU Campus Sustainable Planning StudioProject, Student Green Survival Guide – Led a group to create a GreenSurvival Guide for student. Guide teaches students how to incorporatesustainable practices into their daily life, where to shop sustainably andcontributes to the ongoing conversation of sustainability for students and thecommunity.

• ­The guide was adopted by the Office of Sustainability at WWU as aresource for students.

• Guide is currently being printed and distributed on campus


­WWU Planning Theory, Bellingham DowntownAlleyway Plan - Effectively led a team to develop a Downtown BellinghamAlleyway Revitalization plan

• ­Plan implemented social, economic and environmental approaches

  • Education
    • Western Washington University
    • Cascadia Community College