Danielle Bennett

Well, upon first meeting me, I can be shy. I probably won't talk past the occasional observation or laugh. I like to stay to myself in unusual situations. But as you get to know me and I begin to let my guard down, you will notice that I can be a bubbly, optimistic, and caring friend to have!

Purple is my all time favorite color! I am proud to call myself a nerd, but I still take time to watch Scandal and Vampire Diaries on Thursday nights. People say that I'm the fattest skinny people they know because I love to eat. I love gummy bears and doritos with salsa. I love corny jokes because I am a corny person

I am very family oriented. I have a mom and dad that I can go to for literally anything, and then I have a little brother and sister. Which means, yes, I am the oldest. My family has had a major influence in the person that I am and striving to be one day. I grew up in church, and declared myself a christian when I was 7. I am very grounded in my beliefs and I am proud of where I came from.

I also love working with children, which is why my major is Middle School Education. As much as I try to act professional when I need to, I am truely a kid at heart. Whenever I do become a teacher I hope to find new innovative ways to reach my students.

Below I have added my work from this semester in Edit 2000. The links will direct you to the respective websites. More details can be found about each project on the "Class Blog".