Bennett Dear

Bennett works at the world-famous San Diego Zoo, driving the BIG tour busses around the zoo grounds and sharing his love of wildlife with guests. He has just as many stories about the wild guests (tip: always, always wear underwear! especially if you bend over in front of a bus full of people) as he does about the wildlife at the zoo (what do you say to the kids who see a male's appendage hanging out in preparation for mounting a female). His prior adventure with wildlife was a little more rugged—he was a National Park Ranger stationed in Alaska at Denali National Park. But the cold (and mosquitos) drove him to warm San Diego to be with his life-long love and spouse, Jim. He has some fun talents in other areas of life that you wouldn't expect: he's been in five grand operas, appeared with the Pacific Northwest Ballet and ABT (American Ballet Theatre), wrote four textbooks, reads Tarot for clients, and offers Feng Shui classes and consulting.