Bennett Quillen

An information technology expert with an extensive background in project management and leadership, Bennett Quillen serves as an Associate Consultant with Cornerstone Advisors, Inc. Providing expertise in operations and risk management, Mr. Quillen works with securities firms, trust companies, commercial banks, and credit unions in evaluating and implementing systems and platforms for improved efficiency and operational performance.

Bennett Quillen began his career in the financial industry more than 30 years ago, as an Assistant Vice President of Security Pacific National Bank. In this role, he oversaw the development of financial information systems and managed the operations of the internal time-share system. He next joined Lester B. Knight & Associates as a Managing Associate, where he consulted on accounts for domestic and international insurance companies and banks, and provided guidance in information technology and strategic planning. Bennett Quillen has also acted as Chief Administration Officer for Community Federal; directed teams as Chief Information Officer at Boatmen's Bancshares; served as a Managing Associate for MacKenzie & Associates; and functioned as Chief Information Officer for Lipper Analytical Services. As an independent project management consultant, he directed a project that converted the nationwide ATM/POS application system for a regional bank. Under his leadership, the project was completed under budget and months ahead of schedule.

In his current position with Cornerstone Advisors, Inc., Bennett Quillen has assisted a variety of companies and financial institutions in developing and monitoring project plans. He has worked with Bank of Boston, First Charter Bank, Regional Bank, Royal Sun Alliance, International Investment Bank, and others. His background in information technology and global banking has contributed to the successful migration and conversions of existing core systems.