Bennett Sung

San Francisco, California

Professional:: A consummate marketing professional will optimize marketability and performance through analytics. Well, I love data and reading research reports. A successful marketing professional is a great storyteller. Well, I'm good at interpreting complex information, making sense out of it and then spreading the word. A intelligent marketing professional can best be described as a fortune teller. Each day, I'm always thinking about what to do next. "Optimizer / Storyteller / Fortune Teller" best describes my craft. What am I working on? Having great conversations with professionals who are passionate about their craft, technology, and changing how we work in our daily lives. Personal: Strengths:: Adaptability. Individualization. Futuristic. Strategic. Relator. About: I'm just Bennett. Larger than life itself. Contagious laugh. Very well networked. Great listener. Passion for social media, pop culture, and culinary experiences. Spot-on Taurus characteristics. My likes and interests are diverse. You can also learn more about my brand on: - LinkedIn: - Twitter: - Pinterest: - Instagram: @bennettsung

  • Work
    • Jobscience
  • Education
    • St Louis High School
    • University of Hawaii