Benni Wardo

Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Thank you for inquiring about our company “Helping Hands”. We are a dedicated establishment that transcribes any letters, reports or medical information that your company is in need of as well as event planning for your future business meetings, and bookkeeping your company’s finances. We make having a business in health needs easier, more efficient and stress free, so you can progress your business to its full potential.

Helping Hands is completely run from own personal office. This makes it easier for our businesses’ to work together without the unnecessary funding or extra fees that cover benefits, supplies required and overtime pay. This way I have access around the clock to keep up to date with any needs your company may have on shorter notice. Other companies charge you fees for everything from staff electronics like computers and software to pens and paper to write on. This is not the case with Helping Hands; we focus on the easiest and best possible ways to enhance your business needs while keeping costs low and reasonable.

Thank you very much for your interest in Helping Hands. Please call us at 705-785-2986 or e-mail us at

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