Benni Gholami

Phuket, Thailand

Ben Gholami started in the real estate industry from an early age at the tender age of 19 in 2000. He was introduced to the world of refinancing and mortgaging in the finance department of a real estate company and he quickly made his mark learning about the management and administrative aspects of handling a property sale. Ben found that he had found an industry which excited and motivated him to do well for himself and took his time out of work to further his studies in property and finance, earning himself a number of certifications and diplomas along the way.

It wasn’t long before Ben decided to do something about his passion for the real estate business and set out on his own, so when he received a phone call to take over a real estate company in Phuket, it didn’t take much thought despite having to move across the world to a different country with a different culture and language. It would all be a brand new experience and a grand challenge that would build him up to be stronger than ever in the real estate industry. Ben put a lot of effort into learning all about Thailand and the coastal areas of Phuket where his business is currently stationed and now he’s proud to be fluent in the regulations and other advice that his clients need on any and all of their property inquiries.

The Network Property which is Ben’s baby has been presiding over countless transactions and rental arrangements of the properties includings homes, apartments and condominiums as well as holiday villas and office spaces in the Rawai and Nai Harn beach areas in Phuket. The renowned coastal laidback lifestyle is a big draw to many investors all over the world and many a times, the potential buyer or seller or renter needs a little help navigating the legal and administrative framework that governs property ownership in both freehold and leasehold arrangements as well as the inevitable rental agreements before they can truly call themselves a luxury or vacation home owner in Thailand.

Besides helping clients with the administration and management of the properties here, Ben has also helped many of his clients with the maintenance and showcasing of their properties in Phuket. They supply a concierge service which includes a comprehensive network of suppliers and contractors to efficiently care for your property and take care of any other tasks that may be required of your new house or apartment. Especially for clients of The Network Property, there

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