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Brendan Kelly


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Realise. A conclusion defined by the beginning.

Technological creativity has created a demise in connectivity. The grasp for power and status have become priority, yet pain and survival remains for the majority. Those so busy trying to cling to their status, have yet to realize what's happening around us. There is determination in those that Ultimately Strategize to control, not caring about consequences but only their goal.

Those masses trained for combat are not protecting their people but undoubtedly progressing their suitors intended network. To effectively communicate the points that matter, realize what's occurring, society defines those as a simple mad hatter.

Mineral's and technology are key to the future, corporate contributions ensure control of a culture. The information relayed is suitable to hear, what is happening in this world should be creating a fear.

People of a good nature are being left behind for those full of greed whom are easily supplied. Globalization is the buzz word now often said, paid for in dollars but not evenly spread. Humanity’s obsessed with monetary standing, however this forces life to become more demanding. Forgotten are the essential functions that we need to combine.

The rotating mass, vast as it is, controlled by so few. Its systematic revolving promotes previous times. Those that dictate have always met their demise. Nevertheless, for now, humanity has closed its eyes. The gap expands, the caring lessens. Monetary infatuation in such nations is leaving so many behind. Sharing and caring are dwindling traits. Then people question why self-destruction has found a common place.

Truly, it is those so caring being forced from this place. Open your eyes before it is too late. Think of family, friends and all those that struggle. We’ve created a system that that is ultimately trouble. Reality is, you may not care, but remember this is it, we are already there.

Brendan Kelly

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    • Construction Manager
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    • Scoil Mhuire agus Ide, Newcastle West, Ireland
    • St. Munchins College, Limerick, Ireland
    • Limerick Institute of Technology, Limerick, Ireland