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Ghana has a strong reputation for being one of the friendliest countries in Africa, particularly in the capital Accra which is a hive of activity. The country offers the typical palm lined tropical beaches as well as areas of rainforest and plenty of remnants of a colonial past. Combining this with a long line of traditional African craft, art and culture makes Ghana a perfect country for tourists. Once part of the diverse historic culture, then conquered by the British during the colonial period Ghana seems to have emerged with a national identity that has only become stronger throughout the ages.

Currency: Cedi (c) = 100 pesewas

Time Zone: GM

Language: English

Telephone Services: Country code +233.


The climate in Ghana is typically tropical; the temperatures are hot and humid especially in the north. There are four distinct seasons with the two rainy seasons occurring between March to July and September to October with the former experiencing heavier precipitation. Other months are largely dry but slight rains can be experienced throughout the year. Contact for more information on travel, accommodation, health ,education, volunteering, research etc:


mobile: (0)268 13 13 02

landline: 302 426664

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