Benny Ferguson, Jr.

If you have ever wondered how much Responsibility and Power you have in and over your life, the answer is, there are no limits.

I have experienced fear-based dreams dating back to elementary school. I have sabotaged myself over and over again in business. I have suffered paralyzing depression. However, it all changed one night, in 2005, when I woke up in an anger rage. I was tired of being scared. I was tired of being afraid. I realized that my limits, my personal obstacles to success were inside of me and not outside of me.

The answer to our challenges, the answer to our short comings in all areas of life is our mind.

The mind is the forgotten frontier. Everything we have experienced in life, everything we are experiencing right now, we have seen and focused on in our mind first.

The mind is the fundamental first cause to all individual, personal, life experience.

We have been living life from the inside out all along.

Do you wonder why you continue to meet the same type people in your intimate relationships?

Do you wonder why you experience the same type situations at work even when you change jobs?

Do you wonder why the weight returns after exercise and numerous diets?

Do you wonder why you cannot escape your current financial condition?

The answers are in the images you hold in your mind. The mind works in pictures, and its activity comes first.

If you are seeking change in your life, if you are seeking to excell in business, if your organization seeks the next level, I offer the doorway onto the "Playing Field of the Elite."

Self help and personal developmental take on a whole new meaning when you rediscover your true unlimited potential, and learn to command your beliefs, your thoughts, and your emotions.

The Diamond Mind Approach teaches why and how to focus our internal processes, the powerful creative mechanism, the gift within each of us, around Ideals that we set for our lives.

To make permanent lasting change in your life, to end fear doubt and worry, you must learn to align yourself with the life that you want.

And this my friends, is an inside job.


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