Ben Wright


My passion is sport and I come from a very sport orientated background, both from a social and educational viewpoint. I graduated in 2012 with a MSc in Sport Management at Coventry University and I also studied at Aberystwyth University where I achieved a BSc Hons in Sport and Exercise Science. I also spent the 2011-12 football season doing an internship at Coventry City Football Club Academy as a Sport Scientist. I have also completed my level 1 coaching football qualification and have coached at a number of places over the years.

I currently work for R4Telecom as an project administrator. Working for a small but rapidly expanding company allows for the opportunity to develop my skills and attributes across a range of areas within a business environment. The role has allowed me to develop within a business environment, taking me out of my comfort zone and into a new and challenging environment.

I have experience of bar work, and through my work at the Sharmans Cross Pub I was able to train to become a team leader, allowing me to develop my skills leading a team of staff in a fast moving, highly pressurised environment.

A lack of opportunities, funds and willingness of companies to hire have meant that I have taken the steps of coming out of the sporting industry to get experience in a competitive, business environment and better prepare myself for when opportunities do arise and to allow me to still progress and not stand still.

My aim is to carry on developing my experience and skills within business and use my background and knowledge of the sporting industry to hopefully find a job which suites both my passion and potential.

I enjoy researching, discussing and debating everything sport, from performance in the sporting arena, to the impact of financial (mis)management and the importance of a clubs relationship with its fans. In the long term I am looking to forge a long successful career in the industry I am most passionate about.

  • Work
    • Mitchell's & Butler's - Team Leader
  • Education
    • MSc Sports Management
    • BSc Hons Sports and Exercise Science