Benoit Salinesi

Hello my name is Benoit Salinesi, i'm

21 years old and i come from Marseille.

I began my studies in a school of architecture

at brussel in belgium during two years and i came back in Marseille two years ago.

I would like to contiue my studies in the united states to have a new experience in my life and discover their culture.

The architecture is for me an impressive domain, the fact that a person imagines a project in his head, draws it, realizes it by following the evolution of his project made by this most beautiful job of the world for me.

Except my studies, i like to spend my time with my friends, play cards like poker or "contrée" or "rami". I often spend my weekend at play cards, we make some tournament. I like to drink some "Pastis" and take sun with my friends. All sunday i play football in a "futsal" at "Cassis-Carnoux"